The outward expansion of the cloud edge, bringing compute and data closer to the operational theaters, is transforming the digital landscape across sectors. As a result, the nature of on-premises operations is on the cusp of a tectonic shift, and companies intending to adjust cannot afford to overlook the business realities shaping industry trends. Today, organizations like those in healthcare and entertainment are reimagining business models around edge technology to stay competitive in the new normal, leveraging it to optimize business fundamentals and discover exciting revenue opportunities. 

However, companies looking to scale and be profitable by deploying cloud-type procedures on edge are likely to encounter a unique set of security, cultural and ROI-driven challenges. For instance, they may struggle to standardize and validate outcomes amidst an environment of technology entropy where ideas are random. Another challenge could be preventing gradual shifts in objectives, resulting in mission creep with time-bound experiments rather than focusing firmly on the actual financial dividends.

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